TME 009: Mastering Emotions and Bringing Mindfulness to the Corporate World, with Tara Healey


Tara Healey is a long-time practitioner and teacher of mindfulness, and she is also a mindful innovator.

In 2006, when mindfulness was essentially unheard of in the corporate world, Tara was adapting a mindfulness training program that she created for team members at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and was offering the program to some of Harvard Pilgrim’s corporate clients.

The comprehensive suite of mindfulness courses developed at Harvard Pilgrim over the years have now been conducted at corporate work sites including Google, Harvard Medical School, MITRE, Sun Life Financial, Springfield College, and Smith College.

In this episode you’ll hear Tara’s story of bringing mindfulness to the corporate world, and you’ll learn:

  • how even small acts – like taking a pen from work – can impact the mind
  • some very practical guidance for being free from even the most powerful emotions
  • how to begin overcoming addiction to our devices
  • how to do a powerful and transformative mindfulness practice any time, any place, in under 3 minutes


To learn more about the mindfulness programs offered by Tara, please visit the following web page –,280413&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL


Show Notes

2:18 – Tara’s life goal

6:15 – Her core values

8:18 – How even subtle acts – like taking a pen home from work – help you train your mind

13:11 – The most significant personal struggle mindfulness has helped her overcome

18:04 – Practical tools for being free from the pain of a loss

24:33 – The greatest benefit she has realized professionally as a result of mindfulness training

29:49 – The most important insight she’s had over the last year

36:14 – How Harvard Pilgrim innovated and began teaching mindfulness to other organizations 12 years ago

42:14 – What week one looks like in the Harvard Pilgrim introductory mindfulness training

45:02 – How to be free from anxiety at work by not trying to get rid of anxiety

49:19 – How to begin overcoming addiction to devices

51:59 – Tara offers a simple, guided practice – called a “body scan” – that you can apply anywhere to realize greater clarity and ease

57:58 – The book she has most recently read = Waking Up White, by Debbie Erving

58:19 – Her favorite online resources for mindfulness =

59:19 – Her favorite living teachers of mindfulness = Joseph Goldstein, Ajahn Succito, Michele McDonald, and Rodney Smith

60:38 – Favorite Retreat Center = Insight Meditation Center

61:04 – Favorite books on mindfulness  =   Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Awakening, The Mindfulness EdgeWherever you Go There You Are, 10% Happier

62:20 – Favorite Mindfulness Practice = Sitting still.

64:37 – If Tara had 60 seconds left to live, here’s the advice she would give how to live an awesome life.


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