Here’s the 5-minute guided “mini-vacation” practice mentioned in the book.

A couple notes on this practice:

  1. As we mention in the book, you don’t need to add this to your schedule.  You could do this practice during a break at work, while sitting and waiting, while commuting on a train, or even while driving (be sure to keep your eyes open for that one).  Prior to driving (or any other activity), just open this page on your mobile device and put your earbuds in!
  2. In any case, sit with good posture so that you’re alert.  Remember, although relaxation may be a side effect (I’ve been told my voice is relaxing), the major benefit from this practice is developing the ability to sustain mindful self-awareness for longer periods of time.  That is the shift that changes everything.
  3. If you’re not driving, feel free to give your eyes a rest and close them for this practice.
  4. Enjoy!  Remember, although there are many benefits to the practice, as we wrote about in the book, during your time doing this practice you should approach it as a mini-vacation.  There’s nowhere to go and nothing to do other than notice what’s happening both within you and around you right now, then now, then now…