Corporate Mindfulness Training For Companies Looking To Improve Performance (And Well-Being)

Clients Include:

The Four Seasons, RE/MAX, Salesforce, The American Dental Association, T. Rowe Price,

Marriott, Wells Fargo, Keller Williams, United Airlines,

and many other companies, associations, and universities.



We offer corporate mindfulness training programs that are inspiring and engaging, and that can significantly improve both the performance and well-being of your team members.



What We Offer

In Our Corporate Mindfulness Training Programs


We customize every program we offer for clients.

Below are some of the areas we can include in a mindfulness training program for you.



Improve Emotional Intelligence



Emotional intelligence (the ability to positively impact one’s own emotions and the emotions of others) has been shown to be the most important predictor of success in nearly every position, in almost every field (including tech).

In our corporate mindfulness training programs, we help participants chart out a path to quickly and consistently improve their emotional intelligence so they can thrive both personally and professionally.



Boost Productivity



Although people often only think of mindfulness as a way to decrease stress and improve well-being, the practice can also significantly boost productivity.

Research conducted with employees at Aetna found that employees who regularly practice mindfulness miss fewer days due to illness and are significantly more productive.

As mentioned in the video above, we help employees apply mindfulness to clarify which tasks are most important, to waste less time and energy being caught in negative emotions, and to identify and develop freedom from limiting thought patterns and beliefs.


We Offer Practical Approaches For

Integrating Mindfulness Into Daily Life