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The Four Seasons, RE/MAX, Salesforce, The American Dental Association, T. Rowe Price,

Marriott, Wells Fargo, Keller Williams, United Airlines,

and many other companies, associations, and universities.



We offer mindful leadership training programs that are inspiring, engaging, and that can significantly improve the financial performance of your company (while also improving the well-being of your leaders and team members).


Based on content from the highly-acclaimed mindful leadership book:


What We Offer

In Our Mindful Leadership Training Programs


We customize every training program we offer for clients.

Below are some of the areas we can include in a mindful leadership program for your organization.


Quickly Improve Leaders’ Impacts On The P&L


Perhaps the fastest way to improve the impact a leader has on the P&L is to help the leader to be freer from the effects of cognitive biases.

The research of our colleagues at the Perth Leadership Institute has identified 10 cognitive biases that are tightly correlated with negative impacts on the P&L (5 biases that impact gross margins and 5 that impact expenses).

We can assess leaders to determine which cognitive biases affect their decisions and help them to be significantly less impacted by those biases, resulting in immediate improvements on their impacts on the P&L.

Improve Emotional Intelligence



The research of Daniel Goleman and his colleagues suggest that emotional intelligence (EI: the ability to positively impact one’s own emotions and the emotions of others) is tightly correlated with roughly 90% of leadership outcomes.

The core competency of all the EI competencies is self-awareness.  Since mindfulness training is synonymous with self-awareness training, mindfulness is one of the best ways to improve emotional intelligence.

In our mindful leadership training programs, we assess leaders’ EI and provide proven methods for quickly improving EI, and thereby improve the emotional climate of the workplace and organizational performance.



Boost Productivity



Improve Leadership Presence



We Offer A Practical Approach To Mindfulness



We Offer Practical Approaches For

Integrating Mindfulness Into Daily Life