Mindfulness Speaker Matt Tenney

Mindfulness speaker and author Matt Tenney shares inspiring lessons on leadership and life from his journey from prisoner, to monk, to social entrepreneur.

Matt presents keynote speeches, breakout sessions, and corporate mindfulness training programs that are intriguing, inspiring, and loaded with highly-valuable, practical, actionable content.

Matt’s programs help leaders to:

  • Immediately improve their impact on the bottom line by becoming free from cognitive bias
  • Improve self-awareness and mental agility
  • Improve leadership presence and emotional intelligence
  • Improve clarity and focus
  • Thrive in stressful situations
  • Live a happier, healthier, & deeply meaningful life

Matt’s clients include:

The Four Seasons, RE/MAX, Salesforce, The American Dental Association, T. Rowe Price, Marriott, Wells Fargo, Keller Williams, United Airlines, and many other companies, associations, and universities.



Matt Is the Author of the Highly-Acclaimed Mindful Leadership Book,

The Mindfulness Edge

Mindful leadership book The Mindfulness Edge


Here’s an Inspiring, 27-Minute Mindfulness Speech



Here’s What People Are Saying About Mindfulness Speaker Matt Tenney


“I attend many, many conferences. Your keynote was the BEST I have ever heard.”

Kim De Leon – CEO, Cherokee County Federal Credit Union


“Matt Tenney is the BEST speaker I’ve ever heard at any event I have ever been to!”

Polly Kondrat – Sales Manager, Marriott Hotels


“Matt is one of the best speakers I have heard. He shared ideas and tools that will certainly help our partners to more effectively lead their teams and achieve better business outcomes. He also presented in a way that was very inspiring, and helped make our retreat a truly transformational experience.”

Bob Hottman – CEO, EKS&H


“Inspirational! A perfect example to the organization of how effectively serving others is the key to true greatness.”

Chris Thoen – Sr. V.P. / Global Head Science + Technology, Givaudan Flavors Corp.


“You are one of the best I have seen. The mannerism, style, approach, charisma, substance, delivery, examples you provided… First-class!!!”

Richard Vincent – Executive Vice President, Associated General Contractors of Kentucky


“Matt’s keynote, like his book, commands your full attention from the beginning to the end. His story drew the audience in and the inspiring examples he gave of servant leadership kept people engaged. The feedback from our leadership team was excellent. Matt inspired our team and provided tools to help them become even better leaders.”

Bill Rogers – Regional President with Wells Fargo Advisors

“Matt is one of the best speakers I have ever heard.”

Alesha Stevenson – Manager at Bloomington-Normal Area Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Matt is among the best speakers I have ever heard. He captures his audience’s attention with his fascinating, inspirational story, and the examples of extraordinary organizations and leaders. He offers valuable content for improving sales and building effective teams, and inspires people to serve at a higher level.”

Kristen Butcher – Director of Professional Development, Illinois Association of Realtors


“Probably the best speaker I’ve heard at any convention.”

Tim Miller – Director of Sales, Conrad Hotels


“Overall, 99 percent of participant evaluations gave you a rating of excellent. Your presentation was a perfect fit for our organization as the information was relevant and needed while you managed to connect with the audience in an inspiring and entertaining manner.”

Shane N. Yates, CAE, CMP – Executive Director Ohio Society of Association Executives


“One of the best speakers I’ve ever heard. Made me re-examine the purpose for my work.”

Laura Kraynak – Sales Manager at Eastland Suites


“Matt’s story is one-of-a-kind and beyond inspirational! His message is motivating, moving, truly meaningful! We can’t wait to have him back!”

Bryan Gardner – Director of Human Resources at Four Seasons Hotel, Austin


“Matt has a compelling story to captivate an audience and encourage them to explore the benefits of mindful, servant leadership. All of the attendees from the convention, whether they were CEOs, managers or front-line employees, gleaned something from his message.”

Mark Bennett – Executive Director, International Window Cleaning Association


“Almost speechless. Best presentation I’ve seen in the last year!”

Victoria Seel – Sales Manager, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts


“Terrific! Well-delivered message that should cause each of us to refocus our priorities, lives, and mindsets.”

Lisa Perius – Executive Director Indiana Veterinary Medicine Association


“Matt’s [keynote] is life-changing.”

Jodi Tarter – Regional Sales Manager, PAR-A-DICE Hotel and Casino


“Matt’s keynote was a great way to open our convention. The topic and content were right on.”

Sara Decatoire – Executive Vice President, NAIFA Illinois


“‘Fascinating’, ‘engaging’, and ‘inspiring’ were just a few of the reactions from our members. Matt’s closing keynote for our annual conference was this and so much more. His story and message made people think and inspired positive change. What a fascinating, engaging, and inspiring way to end a professional meeting.”

Mary Ann B. Passi, CAE – CEO, Corporate Housing Providers Association


“Matt Tenney is a must see speaker. Attendees enjoyed his keynote so much, that his breakout session that followed was bursting at the seams.”

Anne Roberts – Vice President of Education for Meeting Professionals International, New England Chapter


“Great speaker! Awesome message.”

Dawn Van Buskirk – Regional Operations Manager, Howe Hospitality


“Matt’s program was powerful and inspiring. Several of our leaders were so moved that they suggested making the ideas Matt shared the core focus of our organization for the coming year.”

Eva Leos – President, Meeting Professionals International, Texas Hill Country Chapter


“Very insightful and inspiring.”

Sara Howe – CEO, IADDA


“Very moving. I found myself re-examining my priorities. Thank you!”

Ted Mason – Executive Director, Kentucky Grocers Association


“Matt Tenney was a great choice for presenting the opening keynote at the 2014 MPI Toronto Education Conference. We received great feedback from our members. In addition to providing valuable content, Matt was engaging, motivating, and even brought some tears of inspiration to a good number of people in the audience.”

Kris Knox – Director, Toronto Education Conference, Meeting Professionals International, Toronto Chapter


“I thought your message was powerful and life-changing. I’m going to make some changes and I’m excited about the possibilities.”

Sandy Johnson – Sales Executive, Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Very inspiring. He makes you believe.”

Brenda Dant – Executive Director, Indiana Association of Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Contractors


“Very insightful! A great motivator for increasing emotional intelligence and encouraging compassionate servant leadership.”

Brian Clark – Executive Director, Kentucky Petroleum Marketers Association

“Inspiring and captivating from start to finish.”

Diana Winstead – Associate Director of Arts, Cultured Events, Center for Rural Development


“Amazing and incredibly inspirational. I am leaving thinking ‘Who can I help when I leave this room?”

Emily Cordes – Events Manager, Indianapolis Public Library


“Matt, your program is inspiring and makes me want to be a better leader. You were engaging and truly made me feel what you were feeling and saying. I’m leaving wishing I could hear more from you!”

Debbie Smith – Assistant Director of Sales, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts


“Fantastic program. Heartfelt and encouraging.”

Amy Preher – Director of Education, Kentucky Justice Association


“Very uplifting and inspiring listening to him: and everyone did, as you could hear a pin drop on the carpet in the room.”

Jaime Smith – National Business Development, Bartha


“Matthew, thank you so much… very inspiring and motivating…. I am still hearing members talk about it, three weeks later! We need more people like you in the world!”

Kristen Hadeed – CEO, Student Maid



About Mindfulness Speaker Matt Tenney

Matt Tenney has been practicing mindfulness since 2002 and teaching mindfulness in one capacity or another since 2006.  He has many thousands of hours of formal practice including time spent training intensively as an un-ordained monk.

Matt Tenney shares lessons from his journey from prisoner, to monk, to social entrepreneur to develop highly effective, mindful leaders who achieve extraordinary, long-term business outcomes – and live more fulfilling lives – as a result of realizing high levels of self-mastery and more effectively serving and inspiring greatness in the people around them.

Matt is the chief people officer of The Generous Group, a company whose top priority is to create the conditions for world peace by sustaining a workplace culture that improves the well-being of team members and helps them make a positive impact on society.

He is also the author of the highly acclaimed books Serve to Be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, a Monastery, and a Boardroom and The Mindfulness Edge: How to Rewire Your Brain for Leadership and Personal Excellence Without Adding to Your Schedule.

Matt has been invited to provide keynotes and training programs all over the world.  His clients include well-known brands like The Four Seasons, RE/MAX, Salesforce, The American Dental Association, Marriott, Keller Williams, United Airlines, T. Rowe Price, and many other companies, associations, and universities.

Matt’s life goal is to create world peace by:

1) Helping all people realize unconditional happiness

2) Helping all people realize that effectively serving others is the key to true greatness