TME 007 : Fleet Maull Discusses How Mindfulness Influences Productivity, Mastery, Innovation, and Relationships

fleet maull

Fleet Maull is one of the best examples I know of a person who has a deep mindfulness practice and is also extremely productive as a social entrepreneur.

He also offers a great example of turning failure into an opportunity to serve others on a large scale.

In 1985 Fleet was convicted of drug charges and incarcerated in a federal prison.  He soon found a way to serve those around him as a leader in the 12 step programs, helping other inmates to overcome addiction.

He also began deepening his practice of mindfulness and teaching it to others, which eventually led tPMIo him founding the Prison Mindfulness Institute (PMI) while he was confined.  PMI is an organization that has helped thousands and thousands of inmates and prison staff members to discover mindfulness and apply it to help them with rehabilitation, self-transformation, and personal and professional development.

While confined, Fleet also helped provide hospice care to dying inmates, which eventually led to him founding the National Prison Hospice Association.

To earn a living after leaving prison, Fleet began applying what he learned as a social entrepreneur to consult with business owners and help them grow their businesses and increase profitability while also staying true to their values.

During his successful journey as a consultant and social entrepreneur, Fleet has continued to deepen his mindfulness practice and is now a senior teacher in two well-known and respected mindfulness schools.

In this episode you’ll hear more about Fleet’s amazing journey.  You’ll also learn how mindfulness:

  • boosts productivity
  • facilitates a profound spirit of mastery
  • and helps us take radical responsibility, which improves creativity, innovation, and our relationships with others

To connect with Fleet regarding consulting or speaking, please visit

To learn more about The Prison Mindfulness Institute, please visit

Show Notes

2:43 – Fleet’s life goal

6:49 – His core values

13:42 – How mindfulness and insight help develop the spirit of mastery – Fleet mentions the book Mastery by George Leonard

27:18 – The greatest personal struggle mindfulness helped him overcome

35:50 – The greatest benefit he has realized professionally as a result of mindfulness training

45:04 – How taking radical responsibility improves creativity, innovation, and relationships with others

53:05 – The book Fleet has most recently read = Teaching Mindfulness

53:57 – His favorite online resources for mindfulness = Ruth Buczynski

54:36 – His favorite living teacher of mindfulness = Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche

54:58 – Favorite Retreat Centers = Shambhala Mountain Center and Upaya Zen Center 

57:12 – Favorite book on mindfulness  =   Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior

57:59 – Favorite Mindfulness Practice

58:51 – If Fleet had 60 seconds left to live, here’s the advice he would give how to live an awesome life

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