TME 001 : How to Access Joy on Demand With Jolly Good Fellow Chade-Meng Tan



My guest in this episode is Chade Meng Tan, who is more commonly known as Meng, or Google’s “Jolly Good Fellow.”

Meng is the NYT bestselling author of Search Inside Inside Yourself, which is based on the groundbreaking mindfulness and emotional intelligence program he co-founded at Google.

Meng was employee number 107 at Google and gradually transitioned from working on Google’s mobile search to being a leader.  For several years, his role at Google was to apply his joyful disposition to welcome celebrities and be their tour guide when visiting Google and to help Googlers develop skills that allow them to be highly effective both personally and professionally.

During this episode, Meng and I discuss his new book Joy on Demand, which was just released, as well as other elements of Mengs work that can help you have apply mindfulness to have an edge in life.

You’ll learn how joy can help you realize previously unimaginable success, how to experience joy in just one breath, and why happiness is full of crap.

You’ll also hear about Meng’s audacious life goal, a bit more about his journey at Google and SIY, and how he went from being a person who was miserable unless something highly pleasurable was happening to someone who is happy unless something terrible is happening.

Show Notes

2:22 – Meng’s audacious life goal

5:21 – His 3 core values and a discussion on unconditional happiness

11:15 – His journey from Singapore to Google to Search Inside Yourself

18:15 – How Meng went from miserable almost all the time to happy almost all the time

21:07  – The greatest insight he has had in the past year

27:04 – How joy facilitates previously unimaginable success

34:30 – The possibility of realizing joy that doesn’t depend on external conditions

39:51 – How to access joy in one breath

44:33 – Meng’s 3-step process for cultivating the ability to access joy more often

51:37 – Why happiness is full of crap

59:18 – The book he is currently reading = How The Swans Came to the Lake

60:10 – His favorite living teacher of mindfulness = The Dalai Lama

60:14 – Meng’s favorite retreat center = Spirit Rock

60:43 – Meng’s favorite book on mindfulness = Joy on Demand

60:56 – Meng’s favorite mindfulness practices

61:41 – Advice Meng would share if he had 60 seconds left to live on how to live an awesome life


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