TME 000 : An Introduction to The Mindfulness Edge Podcast

This is the introduction episode to The Mindfulness Edge Podcast.

You’ll learn how Matt Tenney’s journey from prisoner to monk to social entrepreneur led to creating The Mindfulness Edge Podcast, what you can expect to get out of the podcast, the format and length of the episodes, and how often new episodes will be published.

Check out the show notes below for details on where to find this info.

Show Notes

00:46 – Matt shares his story of going from prisoner to monk to social entrepreneur and how that led to writing The Mindfulness Edge book and creating The Mindfulness Edge Podcast

17:28 – The core idea of The Mindfulness Edge book and podcast

18:10 – Why Matt created The Mindfulness Edge Podcast

18:41 – The focus of the podcast

19:19 – An explanation of why the podcast is secular and does not advocate for any particular spiritual tradition or religion

22:17 – An explanation of the format of podcast episodes

24:50 – Episode length

25:18 – Where to find the podcast

26:40 – How often new episodes will come out

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